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Showing 1 - 48 of 51 products
CLASSIC Butter Cake, 1kg
TOP Crust Bread, 450g
BURGER Bun, 2s
BUTTER Croissant 2's
GK Chocolate Chip Cookie, 200g
Chocolate Croissant 2S Bakery
GK Butter Cookies, 200g
GK Gnanakatha Cookie, 200g
GK Cinnamon  Bread Stick
Fresh Line Dinner Rolls 6S Bakery
CREAM Bun, 2's
DOUBLE Chocolate Chips Muffin, 4's
FRESH Line Burger Bun, 4's
Fresh Line Tea Bun 4S Bakery
Vanilla & Blueberry Muffin 4S Bakery
TEA Bun, 2's
TEA Bun, 2's
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CHOCOLATE Muffin, 4's
GK Cinnamon Roll, 60g
GK Jujubs, 350g
GK Macroons, 6's
Baguette Regular Bakery
Multigrain Sandwich Bread 450G Bakery
Ribbon Cake 1Kg Bakery
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Little Lion Chocolate Cake 325G Bakery
Chocolate Chip Cookies 200G Bakery
Little Lion Sponge Roll Chocolate 200G Chilled
Tiara Swiss Roll Chocolate  200G Groceries
Tiara Swiss Roll Vanilla 200G Groceries
LITTLE LION Sponge Roll Vanilla, 200g - SPAR Sri Lanka
Focaccia Whole Bread Bakery
La Treats Chocolate Cookie 140G Bakery
La Treats Coffee Cookie 140G Bakery
La Treats Milk & Malt Cookie 140G Bakery
Cheese & Onion Bread Bakery
Finagle Sandwich Bread 500G Bakery
Prima Swiss Roll Vanilla Bakery
Little Lion Soft Log Coffee Cake 200G Bakery
LITTLE LION Date Cake, 375g - SPAR Sri Lanka
Classic Date Cake 1Kg Bakery
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KURAKKAN Bread Sandwich
PLAIN Hot Dog, 2'S
Tiara Layer Cake Vanilla 310G Bakery
KURAKKAN Bread, 450g
PLAIN Hot Dog, 4'S
FOCACCIA Bread 4's

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